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GoofBooth have the best & most varied selection of photo booths for you!

We have the amazing deluxe booth with no expenses spared during manufacture - every element is the best - from the classy chrome finish to the aluminium interior, the shiny & elegant skins & panels, the fast & powerful samsung touch screen PC, the market leading Green Screen Dream Machine Software allowing you to select between 600 print combinations (including 3D), to the comfortable faux leather seat, Mitsubishi dye-sub printer & professional canon DSLR camera & ability to select your print style (strips, 6x4 & more) from within the booth - this booth is manufactured to impress your guests!

Prepare to be amazed:

We also have our quirky VW Camper Photo Booth - if this is your style you will want nothing else!

blue vw photo booth for hire

Our Black Film Reel booth completes our selection giving you a more standard and affordable option whilst still providing top quality & the full GoofBooth experience.

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