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With all the planning that goes into your wedding day, it goes without saying that you’ll want it to be one of the most amazing days of your life. However, there are so many different pieces that make up the big day, it’s easy to get bride brain and forget something that may make a huge difference. Well put those fears aside, brideys – we’ve compiled a list of 10 different things that you might regret doing on your wedding day in hindsight.

1. Not booking things soon enough

- Sure, you should make a short list of your favourite venues and visit them, check out different suppliers of your desired Wedding accesories - but don't let that decision-making take months. You are competing with thousands of North East brides for limited venues & items. If its even close to your budget, get your date held and move on with the rest of the planning!

2. Not having a videographer

- They don’t come cheap, but a professional video of your wedding day will be something you’ll treasure forever.

3. Not having enough entertainment on the evening

- This is one of the BIGGEST Wedding killers - when people start getting bored & leave your Wedding early so all that is left is bride/groom & a few loyal friends by 10pm!! Avoid this by getting a good band, some good atmospheric lighting, a candy cart to keep people perked up & most importantly of all - a photo booth - this is the new in thing & you can see why, guests will go in & out getting their pictures done and won't go anywhere. They will comment on how good your wedding was and with good suppliers you get an album with a copy of each picture for you to treasure! Watch this video to see how much these machines have advanced & how much FUN & excitement it can bring to your Wedding reception:

If you're in North East UK - GoofBooth have fab photo booths & STUNNING. giant light up LOVE letters. When booking a photo booth don't settle for anything less than a GREEN SCREEN DREAM MACHINE if you want the very best!! For your convenience you can book one quickly & easily here with the GOLD photo booth package!!

Book GOLD Package Now

4. Not doing personal vows, or personalising your ceremony in any way

- This day should reflect your uniqueness as a couple and your relationship!

5. Not wearing comfy shoes for the reception

- How are you supposed to enjoy the reception when your feet are killing you?

6. Overestimating your guest count

- Most wedding guest lists are in the 100-250 people range and going over this number tends to make your reception unnecessarily expensive. A guest list over 250 is not always necessary for most brides and it will severely limit your venue choices.

7. Not picking an outdoor ceremony location that has a backup indoor venue

- OK, so lots of brides want a beautiful outdoor wedding but what is their biggest worry? Sure, it is Rain! Having a tent set up just in case it rains is very expensive and usually cost prohibitive. Find a venue that has a charming rainy day backup area that is included with your package and you won't be disappointed on your wedding day.

8. Not after-partying with your closest friends/bridal party after the reception

- You may be tired, but your friends and family want to party with you!

9. Not discussing with your photographer all the photos and wedding details you want him/her to capture

- If you don’t communicate the must-have photos, you may end up disappointed when you get your photos back and you can never turn back the clock!

10. Not getting your makeup/hair done for your wedding

-What better time than your wedding day to pamper yourself and get your hair and makeup done professionally?

Just One More Thing...

We thought we'd add one more thing to this list to this list to make sure you're Wedding is truly memorable, spectacular & modernised!! Without a doubt one of the most effective things you can add behind your top table during the day or as a giant feature on the evening is 5ft LOVE Light up letters. Two things you must remember when looking for these are:

  • Only book the 5ft high quality ones - look at photos to compare! These products only have the desired effect if the product is elegant, stunning & meticulously designed for purpose.
  • We believe LOVE is more of an appropriate feature than other alternatives, it has the most subtle, awe inspiring presence & you get more lights for your money than with for example, initials - which don't have as much of an effect on the room as a whole.
  • Take a look at the pictures below for what we believe is the most carefully designed product around - made to enhance your perfect Wedding day!!

    We have some good news for you - we have taken the work away from you & found the best quality LOVE Lights at the best price so you don't have to spend time trawling the market - You can even book these actual lights on a special offer with a free luxury postbox for as little as £250!! For your convenience we have included a link below - simply tick the box for LOVE lights, enter venue details & write 'LOVE lights only' in the additional info. The deposit is via a PayPal safe & secure link & it is a Qwest approved, 5* company.

    Book LOVE Lights Now

    (How nice are these!!!)

    So, now you've read this you have the best chance of making your day truly perfect. Get moving on this advice & don't make the same mistakes others have. You can find discounted packages from an award winning & Qwest approved supplier that include everything you need to make your evening reception amazing (including a range of photo booths, light up letters, Candy Cart/wheel, mood lighting in any colour to match your theme & wedding postbox) using the link below

    Fingers crossed they're available!

    Book Wedding Packages Now

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